I said to her, "Things might change when you meet" and she said, "They'll get BETTER."

I'm not close friends with her at all...she lives nearby and we have a lot of shared interests, so I guess I could see us becoming better friends, and if one of my close friends was acting like this over a guy on the Internet, I probably WOULD speak-up that it seemed a little weird, but I don't feel it's worth too much energy...for all I know, she's gone through this fifty times in the past year with other guys. Who knows.

Also, she sent me the exact text exchange when he asked her to be his girlfriend. Right after she said yes, she said she was going to make it Facebook official...and I don't even think she was saying it in jest...she did indeed make it Facebook official right away, along with all the gushy posts with his initials.

So, when you think about that part of the story, it sounds like she really wants to make sure EVERYBODY KNOWS SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND!

She's very sweet, but I feel like this would be a lot more understandable if she was younger.