I went to Target with a coupon in order to buy the smoothie by Shea Moisture. When I got there, I found there was a sale. So, looking at everything, I chose the souffle. I saw it had fsg and I had been thinking of making some so this might be a way of trying it out first.

When I went to pay, the guy rang up one twice (the more expensive one) and me...being a skinflint, I went back for my $1. The girl at CS asked me if I had used them before. I said no. Then she told me how much she hated them. She said the one gave her residue and the other made her hair very stiff. She also said it took forever to get it out of her hair.

Albeit, she was not natural and had relaxed hair. But....she was a girl of color....and I am a pasty white girl. Not only that, I got caught in a huge downpour, so I looked like a drowned rat. Maybe I just made a huge mistake. She did highly reccomend Mixed Chicks.

So...should I really try this in my hair? I was going to go light on the smoothie since I hear it's heavy. I'd try to return it for the milk, but they didn't rering the whole order...just gave me my $1. So it looks like I just bought two of the souffle.

Please tell me this stuff is good and to be brave and to try!!!