I'm really sorry Soleil.

If you feel like listening to sad songs (I know you do), listen to Gabrielle's "Out of Reach". It's just your story. I love her music. It was on the Bridget Jone's Diary 2 soundtrack. It's a sad story, but it's a strong story because in the end she says that even if he never loved her, she knows that there is more for her out there. And there is for you.

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Justin timberlake what goes around comes back around.....and all of justin timberlake cause his angellic voice will ahve you lifted.

ummm so my professor from last semester was supposed to have my grade changed and she has yet to change it, she said she was going to change it and I should see the grade next week (this week), this week is almost over and I ain't have no grade change. I want my A, you heffa. Quit playing around.
She playing bald headed games y'all. I'M ABOUT TO LOSE IT.