You know what I want?

I want someone who is going to watch me dance the funky chicken in my underwear and think I'm cute.

Someone who is going to let me sing off key and sing off key with me too because that's just who we are and what we do.

Someone who is going to be okay with that fact that I can be super affectionate.

Someone who is going to let me be my nerdy self and whine about how much I don't need a one month break from school because my brain is going to rot from inactivity.

Someone who is going to tease me for mispronouncing words but who understands that its a tic that I have.

Someone who gets my crazy obsession with movies, JGL, Jeremy Renner, Hamlet and San Francisco.

Someone who is a foodie.

Someone who is going to challenge me intellectually.

Someone who will look at me and say, "you are beautiful, nutty and all mine." *That* is what I want.

I also want to sleep right now.
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*sigh* I have most of that and the other stuff to go along with it.
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