I want to thank all for the links and the responses. All I know is yesterday I washed with a Shea Moisture shampoo - I forgot if it was the Moisture Retention or the Coconut Hibiscus - and used a Dove conditioner that has dimethiconol - and my hair looked lovely, better than I think I have ever seen it look, despite all my efforts to have great CG hair. I am going to try this combo again tomorrow. And if it works, I am going to keep doing it. If I notice a problem with my hair, I will stop. The evidence presented here - and, admittedly, I dont understand it all - seems inconclusive. I suspect that if one uses a shampoo with cones, a conditioner with cones, and styling product(s) with cones, that could be problematic, especially if one wets their hair in the morning or night, does not low poo or shampoo, and keeps loading on products. I dont do that. So I will keep you all informed about my little experiment - because I dont want to be extremist or purist in anything, and I dont want to accept something as gospel unless I know if it is right for me.