Anyone have this done by their stylist? I went to a new stylist today just for a color. She has long curly hair and cuts her own hair. It looked nice but it's very long so hard to tell how she'd cut shorter hair. We talked about the deva cut and she had heard about it and knew about it but doesn't know how it's actually done. I asked her how she would cut my hair and she said she does the point and cut with curly hair. How would this work? Would it be ok or would it thin it out?? She looked at my hair dry and liked how the curls looked and I told her, "wait til you see it wet and hold it out - you'll see all the un-eveness you get with a deva cut. Looks great curly but if you want to have it straight, not so great." She washed my hair and pulled it up and out and saw how it was. She took many swipes of hair from the sides, back and up top. She said, "wow, it is really un even with whispy ends." She said it is also very A framed in the back which I knew something odd everytime I got my hair trimmed. I like the curl but I don't like the bottom back. It's almost like an inverted bob and I want length.
So I really want to try this girl with a trim next time I"m due and see how it goes. But I don't know what a point cut would do and wanted to ask you guys.....

Natural hair color - dark brunette
Fine, thinish hair/3a, 3b