You know what I miss about CT? (of course you don't, but I'm about to tell you) I miss hearing the big trucks dropping their snow plow on the pavement to clear the snow late at night; I always enjoyed the scraping sound.
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works for me. In fact, what I miss most about snow in NJ is all things snow at night. I liked hearing the plows, and the neighbors shoveling, and I loved listening to the quiet when the plows and shovelers aren't around. When I was a kid, I would stand at my bedroom window and watch the snow falling in the light of the streetlight across the street from my house. I really loved doing that. Of course, I loved when Tommy or Jeanne across the street would call to say that Tommy's friend, whose mom worked in the school office, had called to tell them that school was cancelled, but the sound and sight of the snow falling is my favorite memory.

Now the best we get is frost on the roof early in the morning. No fun to watch or listen to, and no snow days
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