I don't have any experience with internet dating, so maybe I'm just out of the loop, but it sounds strange to me. The original story made me think of that girl we all knew, in our 9th grade homeroom, who just had a ten second conversation with her crush, out by her locker. By the end of homeroom, they were married with three kids. Does that make any sense?

I really don't think it's a relationship unless you are seeing each other in person. And by seeing, I think you are spending time together, in public and private (unless you are 13, then it can and should be all in group environments.)

Scams are a concern, too. CIBC, if the opportunity presented itself, I think I would express my concerns, in a gentle, but matter of fact manner. She may not change anything, but it could also be food for thought, just a little seed in the back of her mind.

Honestly, if I was single, I don't think I would be broadcasting my relationship status on FB, unless I was about to be married. It's just too much information. I've noticed that fewer of my single FB friends are sharing that kind of information lately. Maybe because we are in our mid-40s, or maybe because it really is too much information?
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