An order comes in at 11:01 and when the person who took it comes to get it I point out that it came in after closing. He tells me that he can't say no. If he does, people complain at the front desk or ***** at one of the managers. Uh, this doesn't make me more disposed to make the order, it makes me less. So people just get to ***** until they get their way? Guess what? **** them. For real, what the **** is wrong with these people and how ****ing entitled do they have to be to think it's perfectly okay to expect food after a restaurant is closed just because they want it? I guess it's not enough that we're in here ten hours. I guess it's not ****ing enough to be so busy that you're dying for a drink of water for four hours before it finally slows down enough to get some. Or waiting ten hours to step off the line and go to the bathroom. Nope, we need to be around longer because that's what you want.
Lord let me never get a ticket any later than five minutes after closing because I swear, I SWEAR, my ass will get fired. The probability of rage and instant gratification of telling these tools where they can go winning over reason and plans of staying long enough to pay my loans is 100%.