rbb, Yes I know. I should be careful with other sites. It's probably best to hang around here which is why I asked. I was just wondering because my As I Am Coconut Co-wash which my hair really likes (although my scalp doesn't, but that's another story) seems to be very popular amongst the 3Cs-4Cs. I'm a 3A but I frigging love that stuff. I'm only planning on trying out something else because of my scalp issues. But I guess you never know. Your hair, for instance, looks a lot like mine since we have similar curl patterns. But then you're medium texture, not coarse. So maybe I'm not so coarse but coarse to medium. . .? I don't know about you but my hair seems to be much coarser around the top of my head or the crown area. Underneath it is smoother.
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hair can be difficult!! you plug in texture, porosity, curl pattern, and still the results for what it likes varies greatly. and, we do have a mix of texture and curl patterns on our heads. i think the back bottom of my hair is thicker than the other strands on my head, but???? also, while my hair is 3a, and medium, and normal porosity, on the curl junkie website selection guide for her products, my hair loves the recommendations for zigzag, tightly coiled hair. go figure! thankfully, marsha was able, of course, to zoom right into that as soon as she saw my hair. i think the gray/white loses moisture more quickly, so that is what makes it like the other products. who knows, but it works. then there is dew point, inside and outside, water conditions......
i say use your hair properties as guidelines to find what it likes, but if it likes something that technically shouldn't work, just go for it and be happy your hair is happy!
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3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity
washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: [I] curl junkie products
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