So, your hair is protein sensitive? Are you using coconut oil in your regimen? I really like like coconut oil but now make a point to alternate using it with using extra virgin olive oil (which I also really like) after reading how coconut oil is particularly good at preventing the loss of hair protein. I'm thinking that might not be a problem for anyone unless their hair has protein sensitivity issues.

My hair is reeeeally picky about proteins -- some it's fine with, but the ones it doesn't like, it *really* doesn't like. Even though I'm very conscientious about what proteins go on my hair, one time in the last year+ I've been using coconut oil, I got an inkling that it might be creating a problem because my hair's protein sensitivity issue (i.e. a slight "hardness" to my hair). Once I changed my routine to rotating coconut oil and EVOO, my hair went back to feeling healthy and normal (NOT at all hard) pretty quickly.

Anyway, that's the first thing that came to mind when I read your post. HTH
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