no, rural, nooooooooooooo, don't do it! *sobs*

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we made it! We made it!! I know you were too distraught to do anything while we were gone. Carry on. We are home safe and sound.

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oh, thank god, you're safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darn it all! I typed that in all caps, and someone took my all caps away! It had far more dramatic impact in all caps. Boo! Boy, that makes me cranky(er).

Speaking of cranky, there's a Billy Elliot commercial that's been airing here for the past several days, and they play a little snippet of a song (like the big, dramatic finale of a song), and that snippet is now stuck in my head. I don't know any of the songs from Billy Elliot, I don't even know who Billy Elliot is, and now this stupid unknown-song snippet is stuck in my head.

I blame ruralcurls.