My husband has this theory (maybe he heard it somewhere) that Manti T'eo is gay. Between being Mormon and attending Notre Dame, he needed to invent a girlfriend, kill her off and then swear to "never love another woman again" in order to gain some privacy and avoid the inevitable questions about his social life. Because lets face it, superstar college football player could have any woman he wanted - why would he be pining for an online love.

But with regards to the original question: I have an acquaintance who LEFT her husband and 12 year old son for a relationship with a guy she met playing some online game. Its been 2 years since then and she has still never met this guy! Every time they make plans for her to go down and visit him (he's in AZ, she's up here in Canada), he will suddenly break up with her. Then a day or two after she was supposed to have go onto the airplane, he will resume the relationship. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous. But she absolutely insists its real because she Skypes the guy all the time. My theory is that this dude has 5 computers and 5 girls that he's duping all at the same time.