coilynapp: Yes, I know, I promise. I wasn't trying to suggest types of hair are racially bound, but I was interested to learn that many well I won't say African Americans again because that confines it to those in the states but that many people of African descent in general have fine to medium hair and many people of Asian descent have coarse hair. So then when I read this article saying the opposite I got all scooby doo faced.

Nvbrcurls: Thank you. That is very reassuring to hear!

multicultcurly: You know you're right I definitely think that's what I think it was. They were calling the hair "coarse" merely because it was kinky. I was referring to the size of the strand and the feel of it. A lot of my strands on top are very thick, darker in pigmentation and drier with a bit more density or weight to them if that makes any sense. Thicker than sewing thread that is for sure. But I can reach inside my hair and pluck out plenty of hairs that are thinner. Definitely not thin because I don't think a hair on my head could be classified as fine. But in terms of porosity these hairs are very smooth. So if I have two textures in my hair I'm a little unsure how to treat it overall other than be careful with the protein overall and maybe use extra emollients on the surface.

rbb: Hair is a strange beast. I'm still not sure if mine is protein sensitive at all or just glycerin sensitive thanks to my living in a semi-arid climate. I guess I will just have to experiment. Fortunately I can always sell or regift products that don't work for me. I have three conditioners lined up to try out right now since I finally used up last one. Let's see which one works best. I think the most important product for me since my curls are loose and I want to keep them intact is stylers and man is it difficult to hunt down protein and glycerin free gels. But I've already found one that works for me very well even though I cannot achieve 3B with it unlike with my glycerin/protein heavy gels. But yes, I should just be happy with what I have and not sweat it.

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