Dusalocks- which KC products in particular do you use? Knot today only or also the curling custard?
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Both! For first day I use two quarters' size of knot today on my dripping wet hair (but it is long and thick) then I squeeze out excess water with a MF towel and distribute my curling custard by smoothing on and scrunching up. But I only used a little bit of the custard to achieve second day hair. I wish kinky curly would come out with a curl cream or something because I would try that too. But the custard kind of already is a weird gel cream hybrid. I also never get crunch with it if I use the right amount. I've also recently discovered I don't have to SOTC with kinky curly because it releases naturally throughout the day. Oh, and I forgot to mention my type and properties. I'm 3A, coarse (to medium) hair, high porosity and low elasticity so again this may not work for other hair types with tighter curls or finer hair for all I know. But they could always try simply rewetting and rescrunching which is how I sometimes achieved second day hair with other gels.