There can e lots of trial and error in finding the right products for your hair. In it's most basic form, CG is about avoiding sulfates and silicones. Some people do this with co-washing (light conditioner to cleanse scalp and roots and richer conditioner to moisturize length of hair- either conditioner can e used as a leave-in). Others cannot co-wash or cannot co-wash exclusively, so they use low-poos (sulfate free shampoos). There are also cleansing conditioners, which give you the best of both worlds.

To really get an idea of products that would work best, you need to start by determining your hair properties- not your curl pattern, but the qualities of the individual strands- texture, porosity, etc. has a ton of great info for determining hair properties. Once you know your properties, look for people with the same properties and see what's working for them. There's also a thread in the 2s forum (might be a few pages back) called "share your hair biography". It's a great place to start looking for a hair twin, even if you're not a wavy (my hair twin has a completely different curl pattern than mine but because our properties are the same we get almost identical results, good or bad, from products).

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