Thank you all. I spoke to FIL this morning, and he said he couldn't put the dog down today. I think it's too hard being alone up there after what he's already going through. She (the dog) seemed perky today and is still getting around. Hubby is going up tomorrow (at this point we feel it's best just he goes) and will bring FIL back Mon/Tues for paperwork here, where she'll be buried. I have been on the phone for 2 days trying to get things started, finding out what we need, etc but there's not much we can do, FIL needs to sign it all. Unfortunately, services will be here but the have been living 4 hours away, so she needs to be transported down here. They still have not released her, since she died at home they need a coroner's report and release.

It's so frustrating, I'm trying to do what I can, I'm being told by different extended family (of hers) that we need to call such-n-such before it's in the paper, we need to have a mass, reception..... ugh. FIRST, we need to speak with FIL and see what he (and she) wanted, it's not what THEY want.

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