Thank you so much for replying

Well it might make sense, i have not been working and have been busy inside most of the winter and i have the heat blasted (electric heat) 24/7, i checked my routine products and i dident see any glycerin, but there may be other names for it i will have to look them up. I am thinking of switching to ganier fructis shampoo and conditioner (protein free) and lots of DC and see if that solves it in the next month.
3a with few 3b's for top layer and 2b for bottom layer, medium/thick, normal porosity, BSL-MBL goal-HL

Live clean argain oil restorative poo and r/o once a week, daily refreshers with r/o and water spray. (all sls and cone free) I bun all the time. staying away from proteins cones and sulfates for a while.

Hard water