Now that there is "spoilers" in the title...

I knew Fitz would say that he wanted a divorce even before they got to that part. I KNEW IT!!!!
Originally Posted by coilynapp
Of course it's TV so I didn't rule it out, but I was still shocked. I mean his wife has a baby on the way and he just got out of the hospital! I wasn't expecting him to be so blunt and cold blooded to his wife, especially since his wife had his back like she did (I know she has her issues, but still).

I find Fitz and Olivia's relationship to be both deplorable and compelling. I love it and hate it. I'm rooting for it and I'm wishing it would end, for the First Lady's sake. I can't get off the fence. I don't really want to

Oh, and the only character that really annoys me is Quinn. Just a little
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