While commenting about an old celebrity crush, in another thread, I thought further back to my elementary school days. I would flip through the pages of teen magazines, rip out pictures of guys, and hang them on my walls. I will not list them all (boy crazy) but I will share 5 that often hung out in my room

#1. Johnny Depp. I had over 40 pic's of him at one point.
Old School Celebrity Crushes-imageuploadedbycurltalk1358578112.894038.jpg

#2. John Taylor. Sigh. I loved Duran Duran.
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#3. (If I can stop laughing long enough to post) Kirk Cameron.
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#4. Ryan Lambert. A.K.A, Rudy from The Monster Squad.
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#5. River Phoenix. Be still my heart and RIP. He rivaled Johnny.
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Who were some of your grade school crushes?
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