I'm not even sure how to begin growing out my gray hair, because of the length. (see my avatar pic) I don't want it to look like I'm wearing a little gray cap. I'm thinking about not coloring my hair and using either a dark spray or Joan Rivers hair powder just on the roots at the top. How did you other long haired ladies do this?
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I know many people have used the Fanciful Rinse (not the Fanciful Roux, the Roux can stain the hair) in what ever color works for you. The Rinse is temporary color that washes right out.

I did not personally use it as my line of demarcation was not as great as some. I also wasn't sure how to incorporate that into the curlygirl method and it sounded messy to me, lol. My last color was a year ago and I did it cold turkey but cut alot of hair off. I have a little dye left on the ends now, need to update pics. I can't wait to have long hair again and now I get to see what it looks like curly. Seeing all the beautiful long haired curlies on here gives me something to look forward to! Thanks everyone for posting!


I thought I'd mention, semi-permanent and temporary hair colors ARE permanent and don't wash out. That is what I've heard anyways.

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