I always say my mom is "a 25 year old boy in a 50-something woman's body" She builds computers, plays video games (shes currently addicted to Borderlands), wears old boy's Levi's and t shirts, plays guitar and sings in a band, etc. It was a fun way to grow up, but as far as anything girly went (period talk, boy talk, hair, makeup, clothes, etc), she had NO interest whatsoever. Everything "girly" I ever learned I had to learn by myself, and has kind of screwed me up as an adult because if I want something "girly" I feel like I may be teased or judged about it by someone. There was some pressure in my house to not grow up to be a stereotypical vapid girl who only cares about appearance, so for a long time I didn't dare to say out loud that I cared about ANYTHING girly, even just keeping my hair healthy. I just kind of did whatever my friends did, which of course was straightening the crap out of my hair, dying it, damaging it, etc.

Now that i've discovered CG, I've been emailing her updates on my experiments with my hair and pictures etc, and I even sent her to the before/after forum. She seemed interested, and tried to wash her hair with something non-silicone that day which happened to be a bar of body soap. *facepalm* I've told her to find a CG stylist in her area, but she's one of those people who feels guilty doing anything for herself, so I doubt she will, but if I can show her that its easy and not high-maintenance maybe she'll come around She has hair just like mine, so I think it'd do wonders for her.