its only day 3 of using deva curl stuff (no-poo, one conditioner and gel) and only my third week of going CG. I'm still fiddling around with a routine, but I noticed something odd in the shower just now...

So I did my no-poo, my conditioner, rinsed, yada yada. Had my head flipped over and had just put in a little more condish as a leave in and had scrunched out the super drippiness. When I started scrunching in my gel, I noticed weird little white balls of... hell I dont know. conditioner? residue? what-have-you, on the ends of my curls when I scrunched. Did I do something weird to cause this, do you think? Perhaps my hair was too wet with too much conditioner left in when I started to put in the gel? I have no idea! I ignored it and put in the rest of my gel, and i'm just hoping when it dries and I SOTC there isn't any white fluff all over my head!

I don't know if it matters, but i'm med porosity, med/high density, fine width, med length.

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