I do have "mommy" issues with my hair. Granted, not so much now, but certainly while I was growing up and in my 20's. I am adopted and am a mix of Irish, Portuguese, Swedish, and English. My mother has stick straight hair and really had no idea how to handle my hair. I basically was in a state fuzziness from the age of 4 to 15. It wasn't too bad at 4 while it was long and my mom or grandmother would form long ringlets around their fingers. In the 80's I used so much moose etc it was crunchy. My mom often said my hair was messy and that I need to brush it, no matter how often I would say no way it gets too frizzy. Since going CG method, she has said it looks great.

3A/B? A corkicelli mix of ringlets, spirals, helixes & s-shaped curls
Medium-fine texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity

Summer: pink; Winter: Blue; Year Round: green
Lo-Poo:Giovanni SAS sulfate free poo, L'Oreal Evercream CC
Co-wash: TNRV, VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea, TNNM
YTC, Nexxus Hydra-light w/ CNPF GVPCB, Biolage CB, TNNM, Giovanni SAS