I hope everything goes well and I wish your sister all the best.

That said, this is her pregnancy and her baby. You and your mom don't get a vote. It's one thing to talk it through with other people but to gather opinions and information to try to sway her/guilt her/scare her into doing what you want is over-stepping boundaries.

It'll be the same after she has the baby. Her baby, her decisions.

I would have been LIVID if my mother, friends, or siblings thought they got a vote in my pregnancy and birth.
Originally Posted by CGNYC
this would be a concern if my sister were you but she isn't .we are a close knit family (we dont make any major decision without having a family meeting..yea its like that) and not only did my sister ask for our 2 cents she values our opinion. She isnt a child she felt that something wasnt right about getting induced that early. She knows at the end of the day we will support whatever decision she makes we care about her and wants her to make the decision thats best for her.

Thanks for the warm wishes she is still her wabbling like a duck. After 42 weeks we will see but to induce her @ 40 weeks on her first pregnancy is insane

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