^^RCW, African black soap (the real kind--which is not black but brrown) is just as gentle as castile soap. (both pH 8-9) You might try that and see if you like it.
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No way would i use that on my face...the pH is too high and most soaps are waxy and clog pores. The castille cleanser that PSF used to make had its pH lowered.
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I went to a dermatologist because I have seborreic dermatitis and she said
to use Dove sensitive skin.

RWC, I use some of the products you recommend and my skin never changes. It's always a red mess. The only thing I was able to get out of my dermatologist visit was not to use moisturizer because what I thought was dry/peeling skin, was really an overabundance of it.
So now I exfoliate with neutrogena once in a while and the peeling skin goes away.
I wonder if the clarisonic would work for me. I guess that is like exfoliation?
Right now I am still using the PSF that got discontinued.
I have the worst skin ever.
What about Dianna Yvonne? The perlescent cleanser has the right ph.