Posting here rather than my original thread...

I bought the smoothie and the souffle and I'm not sure what is up.

Up side....lots of curl!! My dh even said, "Wow!! Your straight parts are curly!!" From root to tip, I have curl rather than part way down. It is also more ringlet-y.

Down side...odd wettish look on my upper hair.
I am not sure what I did wrong.
I used a tiny bit of the smoothie. My hair loves protein. I am not sure how much of the souffle I managed to get in. It is pretty runny. I am thinking of transferring to a pump. I don't think I put tons in. I am used to Ecostyler which is much easier to manage. I did throw a tad of that on top which could be the problem. Since I wasn't sure how much of the souffle was in, and it felt strange to have the feeling of nothing in my hair, I added some of the Eco. I also did not comb through, but I don't usually. Maybe I should have done that. This was all on soaking wet hair. I do usually brush with the denman before adding things, but since everyone was saying SOAKING wet hair, I didn't do that this time.

Any thoughts?