I noticed a lot more reviews on the shampoo than the conditioner and I thought why is that the case. I've only used it once so I can't say whether or not it is drying over time but oh my goodness it has the most amazing slip. I put it in my hair and it separated into easily detangled chunky curls right away. So it's very moisturizing. It's also supposed to be more cleansing than the average conditioner due to all those clarifying oils which is why I may only use it once a week but I'm rather tempted to reach for it tomorrow too. I am still trying to test my hair's protein tolerance but it only has soy protein and it's further down the ingredients list.

Has anybody else tried this conditioner and what was their experience? On the basis of the one off I'd give it an A+ since I loved the smell and it left my hair like silk. Also it was only $3.99! This may become a staple.