I like KCCC too. A little goes a long way - bought my very first jar over a year ago and it's I've only used about 50%. My only complaint is that it's so moisturizing that my hair takes FOREVER to dry when I use it.
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A little does go a long way. I've been using it 4-5 times a week since I bought it in early December and I've still got 70% left in my jar. And it is very moisturizing which is why I think I can never achieve 3B type curls with it. I did, however, resusitate my 3A curls with it today and got 3A hair twice in a row. Another first for kinky curly. I'm going to have to write them another love letter.

Here's the thing though: other people complain kinky curly takes a long time to dry but with me my hair is dry in an hour and a half, never even two, and I do have thick hair that is coarse. I think the reason may be because my hair is overly porous so moisture leaves it more quickly. . . ? Since moisture leaves my hair quickly, it dries faster even though it is not fine and my density is probably medium to high. I often have to rewet my roots after styling when I get out of the shower because they dry so fast! It's like I'm racing the clock when I style. Hence I've learned to style quickly. My hair confuses me but oh well. At least kinky curly is good to it.