Omg I loved My So-Called Life! I had a major crush on Jared Leto. It so happened that I liked a guy who looked similar to him and had the same weird relationship Angela had with him. I was in 7th grade so 12/13 years old.

I also loved Mario Lopez even with his curly mullet on SBTB. I never liked Mark Paul Gosselar but he grew up to be one hot man.

I also loved the WWF now WWE. I had posters of Bret the Hitman Hart and the IRS Man. I'll have to find photos. I also had a huge crush on Adam Clayton and Bono of U2.

And how could I forget John Stamos? I hated Full House but my sister watched it literally for hours each day. He was so gorgeous and still is.

Oh and Luke Perry as Dylan McKay on 90210 before his relationship with Kelly after high school.
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