Yay! Great suggestions on here, and it sounds like its working!

I think we talked on another thread about combing in the shower - if I'm really tangly, I'll actually let the water pour down over my hair (filled with condish, of course!) as I use a wide tooth comb. Then I hit it with the fine tooth, and the rest I think we've already been through.

Have you tried GVPCB? That helps me a lot. Also if I find I'm particularly tangly I know it's time for a PT!
2c/3a/3b, Fine/med, Dense, high porous, & normal elas.

Lo-poo - Renpure Keratin, SMR, Giovanni SaS
clarifying - mix Johnson's H2T with low poo
Co-wash - Suave Nats. clar. or coco.
RO - GVPCB, Ion Eff. Care, TN.
LI - SMR, Cure Care, or RO
Seal - MO or Jojoba
DT - + honey, ACV, & EVOO to SM masque & GVPCB
PT - Gelatin!, CNPF
Styling - FSG, AIF, BRHG, LALS/PS, GF curl spray gel, SM Souffle/Smoothie, LOOB
Oils - MO!, EVOO, jojoba, GSO, SM Elixer, EVCO, VO5 Hairdressing