I'm new to this site, I've seen it before but never really cared for it, until now when I saw it was so informative about curly hair! I've been curly for almost 7 years now and I'm 19 years old, my curls before were voluminous and really defined, I was a 3c NOW I'm a 3b I don't really mind it since I know hair can change. the only thing that gets me is that it used to be more voluminous but I have certain tricks to get over that. But a couple months back I went to get a haircut (I hadn't had a hair cut for almost a year and a half) and the stylist told me that my hair looked dry and damaged ( I was also going to get my hair straighten since it was a special occasion) since my ethnicity doesn't really understand curly hair since to them straight is beautiful I brushed it off.. then a day ago I was talking to my cousin and she told me that my hair did look dry.. and I thought it was just natural fizziness. and I was looking at my hair and it does look dry. I only co-wash, I rinse my hair with very cold water to help the cuticles I feel as if I'm doing the right things yet my hair is rebelling against me.. what can I do? PLEASE help! what can I do to help my hair look its best.. because it feels smooth it just look dry.. could it be because of protein? what to do if it that is the problem? what are some good products to try?