I'm sorry for all of us - everyone whose had to conform to someone else's standard of beauty.

My mother imprisoned my hair - crafted it into a greasy looking ponytail - all my hair condensed into a single Shirley Temple curl spouting out of my head. Strictly silly looking. My father insisted I keep my hair long, so that one curl was HEAVY!

As a teenager, my mom straightened her hair and encouraged the same for me and my sibs. My sister is my hero: One day she stopped doing that and let her natural hair grow out. I was beside myself with envy about her uniquely curly hair and she eventually talked me into growing out mine too. After that we no longer cared what my mother thought because we were thrilled about each other's natural curls and supported each other around it - it felt deliciously rebellious (which seems odd now, cause it was just us being natural). My mom still presses her hair, but she said she'll let me do some natural styling for her on my next visit

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