hey curlies ! I need help because i'm just starting my hair journey and I don't know what are the best products for my hair type . My hair is 4a, 4b , 4c (mostly 4c ) and it's very thick and coarse, tangled and dry allllllll the time. I've never relaxed my hair because my mother never allowed me too but I DON'T know how to care for my hair. Wash days are a NIGHTMARE because I lose so much hair and my hair is so dry and hard to manage. My mother always say that I have "Kunta Kinte hair" or "bad hair"... I don't like dealing with my hair so it's in weaves and braids 100% of the time. Plus, I'm a student so I'm on a budget and I don't have money to buy expensive hair products. ( Like Miss Jessie's) . I live in France and here , in the black community only curly hair, biracial hair (3 type hair) is accepted. Lightskinned , curly-headed girl are the beauty standard . Black , dark-skinned girls like us are considered as "ratchet", "dirty , ugly" ... This doesn't help when you want to be confident If I went to school with my real hair as it is right now , people would probably make fun of me . But I'm tired of having to braid and weave all the time. All races wear their natural hair, why us black girls are forced to hide our natural texture ? I'm tired to live on society beauty standars, so now I want to step up and wear my natural hair. But I need your help ! I've tried the ElastaQP Shampoo and it made my hair feel like straw. I think I'm going to have this regimen :
- Prepoo : Henna that I will leave overnight
- Wash in twists with HairVeda Amala Deep Cleanse
- Deep condition with MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask
- Detangling with flaxseed gel and a cheapie conditioner
- Moisturize with the LOC Method : My cheap conditioner , Olive Oil and MyHoneyChild Sophia's old fashioned grease.
What do you think ? I will be so glad if the wonderful ladies in here took the time to answer me
(Sorry If my english is not perfect , I'm in highschool and I'm still learning english ! )