The ingredients are all listed on
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They are also listed on the Product Reviews page that I linked to, along with info on the attributes of each (i.e., sulfate-free, protein-free etc). Very helpful for newbies who haven't mastered the ability to identify proteins, silicones, etc among all those unpronounceable names.

As a public service, I went ahead and bought the cleansing conditioner I have used it twice, once with the EverCurl cream gel and once with Donna Marie curling gelly. The directions say no additional conditioner is necessary, so I used this solo.

I'm impressed with the results thus far. Although the directions say to use 8-10 pumps, I only needed 3. My hair and scalp feel clean, detangling was painless, and I have good curl definition with minimal frizz. I'm going to keep this in my regular rotation and see whether it holds up.

Sadly, the cream-gel is just not for me. I really wanted to like this, as I was intrigued by the idea of a multifunctional product at a very reasonable price, but my hair did much better with the DM. Even when I used a low-poo beforehand, it left my hair flat and heavy feeling. Could be the polyquat-69, or maybe my hair simply doesn't respond to cones anymore. In any case, I will not repurchase.

I actually liked the scent a lot, whereas I couldn't stand the EverCreme CC - gave me a wicked migraine. But some of the other reviewers didn't care for the smell of the EverCurl either, so I guess I'm an outlier in that regard.
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