I had my hair colored end of octoberish. I had her color it all over a little bit lighter than my natural color then she put even lighter highlights but I wanted it a little lighter still so I went back a few days later and had her do blondish highlights as well. It looked good and wasnt so bad at first but now its dry dry dry. Its brittle. My curls arent that bad for the darker two colors but the blonde highlights are just frizzy. Sometimes they do have some curl to them but they aren't like the other ones. The products I used before the color doesnt seem to do as well as it did. So idk. I am trying to find out if its just gonna be figuring out more moisturizing products or not. I was told recently
I should do some protein treatments so I got curl junkie repair me. Havent tried it yet. Im hoping I can figure it out because I love this color.
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