Hi! I am new to this website and to CG. I just started a few weeks ago. My hair is fine, thin, and wavy, a little longer than shoulder length. My scalp is oily but my hair is dry, and it's hard to get the roots clean without drying out the length, and to get the length conditioned without weighing down the roots.

My whole life I have had almost straight, limp hair and have done everything I could to try to make it look bigger: harsh shampoos, very little conditioner (and only on the ends), blow drying, and keeping it shorter. I tried perms when I was younger but they just fried my hair, so I haven't had one in about 20 years. Then after the birth of my third kid five years ago, my hair gradually got curlier for some reason. I have let it grow out, but it has grown very slowly and breaks a lot. I finally realized that curly hair is different and I need to learn how to take care of it. I read Curly Girl a few weeks ago and have switched to sulfate and silicone free products and have already noticed a difference. I used to have to shampoo at least every other day, but now I am going 2-3 days between shampoos. Sometimes in between I just rinse and condition, because the ends are so dry. I have never used much conditioner for fear or weighing down my hair, but I'm experimenting with using more and more, and my hair is actually looking thicker and curlier.

I am curious about cowashing. I assumed it couldn't work for me because of my oily scalp, but after seeing how it is less oily with sulfate free shampoo, I decided to try it. I have done it twice with Suave naturals coconut. My hair looked wonderful, but the roots looked dirty and limp. So I'm wondering, is cowashing just not good for my hair type? Or would something other than Suave be better for me? I have been looking online at cleansing conditioners, and I can't figure out how they are different from regular conditioners. Do they get your hair cleaner than a regular conditioner does?
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Well, I use Tresemme Naturals Nourishing moisture as my cowash. L'Oreal also makes a decent cleansing conditioner (I just don't care for the smell or I'd use it). As I Am coconut cowash is one I use once a week.

Regarding cleansing conditioners, they usually contain a non sulfate based surfactant or cleanser that removes build up.

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