As for the beating up aspect, this will be something that I will have with me on a daily basis.
I had originally thought about the floating heart, but then the dragonfly seems to speak to me.
Regardless, they will probably be on my keyring because I have that with me tons.
Thanks, again, for all the great feedback!
Originally Posted by dramaqueen04
Im so confused.

First, I can't see spending $100 on a key ring, which you can get a round one at any hardware store for like a buck. On does anyone really pay attention to the ring the keys are on? I just don't get it.

The pendant is cute if you're into that kind of thing (mainstream delicate jewelry), and you have a thing for dragon flies. But are you saying you'd use the pendant as a key chain, and not a necklace?! It's not made for that, and won't hold up being banged by keys every day, if that's the case!
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