Discovered a new technique this week while fixing my hair. I guess if I were to give it a name I'd call it the "bump it" technique. It's for if you want a bit more volume at the roots and canopy area so that the area doesn't dry flat. Let me say first that I get out of the shower, apply my leave in to sopping wet hair, then I scrunch squeeze excess moisture with my microfiber towel before I apply my styling product. That is just what works for me because scrunch squeezing with my MF towel after applying styling product seems to dilute product's staying power and mess up the way I styled it. So again, when I do scrunch squeeze the drip out of my hair I do it with my head tilted and down, CG style! I bring the cluster of curls I've cupped with the towel up to my hairline and at the roots, right where I part my hair. If I stop just an inch before the part while I'm drying and just hold it for a moment, I notice I get a nice little BUMP! It makes the hair springing from my part more poofy with more volume. Then I'm just careful not to disturb the "bump" on either side of my part while I style. My hair dries with a nice touch of volume on either side of the hairline. I guess though if you wanted to secure it you could also use clips while drying. So just a small whatdoyaknow I discovered by pure accident when I happened to be drying my hair and looking at the mirror at the same time. I was all "I wonder. . ." and it worked! Tralala.