Just thought I'd throw my two cents into the issue of preferences:

I feel a little ashamed to admit that, although I am a 3a curly, I prefer guys with straight hair. But that doesn't mean that I hate guys with curly hair. In fact, I've gotten huge crushes on curlies before. I've even thought, on occasion, that their tight, Grecian/Irish, locks were extremely sexy.

But overall, I'm a straight hair lover. And I don't think that's a big problem.

Because, really, hair shouldn't be that important. Neither should any other aspect of physical appearance, really.

The problem with a guy (or girl) who doesn't like curly hair isn't whether or not he likes curly hair; it's how he expresses that sentiment and what he expects you to do with the information. If he expects you to straighten your hair, insults it, teases you about it excessively, or makes you feel ashamed of it even after you've told him it hurts your feelings, then he's an a-hole that should be dumped.
If he compliments you on other things, doesn't bring it up, or if he teases you about your hair and you make it clear it's not okay, he apologizes and stops, then he sounds like a fine fellow in that regard and their should be no hard feelings towards him about the hair thing.

It would be unrealistic to expect a partner to find everything about you sexy and irresistible. It's the handling of the un-attractions that is important.