Im so sad... since having a baby my hair won't hold its curl anymore!

I recently have been using KCCC and it makes my hair awesome, love the curls I get with it. The problem is, its soft so I lose the curls by half day Or if I touch it at all, it gets frizzy. I like touching my curls so its always frizzy and ends up in a pony tail by end day! I dont know why but my hair just ends up kinda straight/wavy and fuzzy by night time.

I like super hold but not to the point that it looks like my hair is still wet when it is dry... any suggestions on what to do? I use shampoo each day because well, I get itchy scalp if I dont wash it. I tried the cg method a few years ago and I just liked how my hair was with washing daily. :\ I use H&S shampoo and suave coconut conditioner and I add argan oil after shower and plop for 10-15 minutes while I do my makeup and then I do kccc and diffuse.

This is a before at beginning of the day and after at the end :\

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