hey curlies ! I need help because i'm just starting my hair journey and I don't know what are the best products for my hair type . My hair is 4a, 4b , 4c (mostly 4c ) and it's very thick and coarse, tangled and dry allllllll the time. I've never relaxed my hair because my mother never allowed me too but I DON'T know how to care for my hair. Wash days are a NIGHTMARE because I lose so much hair and my hair is so dry and hard to manage. My mother always say that I have "Kunta Kinte hair" or "bad hair"... I don't like dealing with my hair so it's in weaves and braids 100% of the time. Plus, I'm a student so I'm on a budget and I don't have money to buy expensive hair products. ( Like Miss Jessie's) . I live in France and here , in the black community only curly hair, biracial hair (3 type hair) is accepted. Lightskinned , curly-headed girl are the beauty standard . Black , dark-skinned girls like us are considered as "ratchet", "dirty , ugly" ... This doesn't help when you want to be confident If I went to school with my real hair as it is right now , people would probably make fun of me . But I'm tired of having to braid and weave all the time. All races wear their natural hair, why us black girls are forced to hide our natural texture ? I'm tired to live on society beauty standars, so now I want to step up and wear my natural hair. But I need your help ! I've tried the ElastaQP Shampoo and it made my hair feel like straw. I think I'm going to have this regimen :
- Prepoo : Henna that I will leave overnight
- Wash in twists with HairVeda Amala Deep Cleanse
- Deep condition with MyHoneyChild Honey Hair Mask
- Detangling with flaxseed gel and a cheapie conditioner
- Moisturize with the LOC Method : My cheap conditioner , Olive Oil and MyHoneyChild Sophia's old fashioned grease.
What do you think ? I will be so glad if the wonderful ladies in here took the time to answer me
(Sorry If my english is not perfect , I'm in highschool and I'm still learning english ! )
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What are your hair's properties? Are you low, medium or high porosity? What about your strand size? Fine? Average? Thick? Is your hair high, average or low density? Figuring out the answers to these questions is going to do more for pointing you in the right direction with regard to where to start with products and even handling techniques for your hair. Curl size (type 2, 3 or 4) is not really the dominant determining factor when it comes to learning what your hair needs. At least that has been my experience...

I have a question for you though, when you listed products used in your regimen, you indicated that you prepoo with henna that you leave in overnight. How often do you henna? Is it something you do weekly or monthly? I'm asking because from what I understand, henna can be very drying to the hair if used too frequently. If you are doing henna weekly, this could be why your hair is so dry. Also, prepoo is typically done with oil, conditioner or a combination of both. I've never heard of prepoo done with henna.

Anyway, I HTH.
Me Fascina El Pelo

Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense