I have a lot going on right now that is dragging me down. My foot is in constant pain and I get so tired so easily now. I cannot exercise easily with the cast and boot so my stamina is deteriorating. I know it's because my fibromyalgia is flaring up because stress makes it worse and so does other health issues. I am also in the process of losing my job because the company was bought and I was not hired by the new company - I'm only staying to close out the original company's books and then I am out of a job.

I need help with natural remedies for depression. I know I can go back on prescription meds for the depression but I will do that only as a last resort; it's too hard coming off of them for me to start them until other things have fallen flat.

Also, I know exercise will help depression so and recommendation for possible exercises I can do without putting any weight on the bad foot would also help .

Thanks in advance.