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Thanks to everyone who responded. It seems so much simpler now. I don't have any oils in my leave in (kinky curly knot today) so I'll just apply some after it. Check. And thank you aqua_lily for that wonderful list I can refer to! I already have some jojoba oil so I'm going to try it out tomorrow. I really like the idea of sealing. I think it may protect my porous hair from drying out in the arid California weather. Jojoba is probably also the best choice for me because heavier oils like olive or coconut are best reserved for deep conditioning in my experience. Also yes what you wrote makes sense. I want the oil to sit on top of the hair strand, not to penetrate it. If this works then maybe I can experiment with styling products with glycerine and protein again. I'm still not sure if those ingredients are drying me out so this could really help. Thanks guys! Curly love.
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glycerin is bad in low dews, and you talk about arid air, so i am assuming the dew points are very low where you live. glycerin seeks out moisture, if it is not in the air then it will take it from your hair, and dry your hair out. glycerin is great in mid dews, and my hair happens to love it in high dews, but it's the kiss of death for hair in low dews for sure!!
if glycerin is low on the ingredient list of a product that is very moisturizing, then it's ok. every product is formulated differently, so it's again trial and error.
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