Worst thing I ever did
I got quite bored with my hair over winter holidays. So i found this spray-on, flat-iron highlighting stuff at the drugstore and rushed home to try it.
I flat-ironed the sections i misted with that highlighting stuff and i heard a big sizzling noise, but no color appeared (my hair is a quite dark brown) I tried again and again, up to 8 times D: The hair just mostly snapped off and now I am stuck with one-inch short pieces on my top layer. Never trying at-home color again

BTW the product is Mark Anthony Easy-Lites just a heads up so you guys stay away from it...friendly advice!!
finally starting to love my hair ^.^

cleanse: Dr.Bronner mild castile soap
condition: tresemme naturals (sometimes used as styler)
LI/style: curl cream mixed with coconut oil (current cream by andalou naturals)

product minimalist