Why Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio were snubbed by the Oscars | theGrio

what do you all think? leo never gets nomination even when he deserves it. i think is like 50 years he will get a life time achievement award form the academy.
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I don't know. I don't find Leo to be a good actor at all. I've never seen him in anything where I can actually suspend disbelief and he beciomes the character. To me it is always "There's Leonardo DiCaprio talking with a strange accent"
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That's probably because you can't get over how leonardo leonardo is so, so you only realize leonardo is just leonardo.

You could hear leonardo's leonardo voice come out a lot in that mvoie when he was emotional....BECAUSE HE REALLY CUT HIS HAND IN THAT SCENE. and everyone's facial reaction was their actual reactions because he was bleeding everywhere. (fo' real tho. fun fact).

I thought Broomhilde's character was rather boring, she was a love interest, she didn't say anything. She wasn't a strong character, she was just there.