My ex called me this morning. I didn't answer, he didn't leave a message. He was probably bored on his way to work and or checking up on me to see that I hadn't offed myself or left France like I was debating.

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Don't respond. He will do that mess. You are quiet and now he is checking up on you instead of the other way around. Such is the way with men who don't know what they want , now that you are not speaking to him he is slowly but surely realizing that you are gone and that will make you seem more attractive. It is just more proof that you are better off w/ someone who will know what you are worth when you are with them, not when you are in the process of moving on. He did not leave a message because he was probing you, testing you out. Now he wants to see if you will call back even if out of curiosity. Don't let him play these games with you. He can't play them with you if you choose not to join in.

When you have had time to heal you will find someone who deserves you. I know it. It happened to me.
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It hurt me that he did cause it just opened old wounds. The last time we spoke he straight up told me that we didnt have anything to talk about, I shouldn't care what he does or that he chose his side chick over me and missed her more than me cause I should be moving on and it was none of my business. He was sleeping with someone else for years while I was celibate and faithful while telling me it was fine we weren't intimate.

He doesn't care about what happens to me. And I'm bothered that he's playing these games. I won't be calling, but now I'm hurting again having to think on these things.

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