I liked it. I thought it was very Tarantino. I expected the violence, and while it was long, I expected that too, bc it was a Tarantino film. I think the movie wasnt supposed to be about Broomhilda, so there wasnt room for more character development. I think we did know a lot about her character regardless.

I loved the Schultz character. I love Jamie Foxx and I'm glad he played the part instead of Wil Smith (who the part was originally written for but he was busy w Men in Black 3). At the end, the other slaves WERE free to go. The cage they were in was left open. Its up to them to make their own choice.

There are going to be some parts that are odd or unbelievable, thats how QT writes it. All of his films are a little weird.

And I love love love Leonardo DiCaprio. He is an absolutely amazing actor.

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