I cannot swim in the cast and I live in a very rural area that barely has yoga classes and sadly no restorative ones

I am to be on it as little as possible and keep it elevated 90% of the time. Sooooooo... I lay on my back and keep it up either on pillows or up the wall. I lift weights on my back and "ride a bike" up in the air and do a lot of stretching that are really variations of yoga poses that I can do on my back, which I am sure looks ridiculous: inverted cat, cow, crow, chair, etc. (why do all of those start with the letter C?) Anyone know any specific poses I could adapt and do in the floor or bed or a chair without having my foot downward?

I also have caught a virus and just feel like crap and I know it's because I am so stressed out and my body is fighting so hard and I'm just exhausted. Everything I do just wipes me out. I'll be going along and feel fine and all of sudden I just get weak and have to lay down.

My latest love affair is with those electric shopping carts I can ride in Walmart. There is no way I could walk through the store and push a cart to get groceries. How pathetic is that??? I used to walk a mile a day and now I can barely walk with a cane.

I need to meditate too as well as pray. I will look into stuff with the big ball; I have one of those! I will look into the 5htp. I would LOVE to swim but that's not possible. Heck, I'd love to take a bath and get my foot wet!