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I'm filling out a questionnaire for a position and they asked me my salary history. I'm a recent graduate and all of my jobs have been slightly above minimum wage or nothing. What should I say?
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I would say be honest ( I have) because they would know that you are a recent grad with no "real job" salaries in the past. I think its for overqualified applicates who are are used to making more than what the position pays.

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Ok I was honest. I told them what I've made and that now that I'm a graduate seeking more independence, I believe that I'm worth more and I'm willing to negotiate with them. I said it a little smoother than

But I looked up the salary range for the job I applied for and it is way way more than I anticipated.
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I usually SLIGHTLY overstate my income. I don't feel bad about it because really I think it's none of anyone's business if I'm not asking for a handout. They should be willing to pay me what I deserve according to the job requirements and my skills regardless of what I was making before. I figure if I tell them I make a little more then they'll be willing to at least pay me that versus thinking they can work me like a dog for slave wages. It's not like they can go into your financial records or your previous employer is going to tell them. Loan papers, credit card applications, rental agreements ect. I never put my real salary or my real expenses and I've never been turned down for anything.
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